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world of tanks blitz hack

World of tank blitz is trying to archive the same success on smartphones and tablets as  the original PC series. The same as the original World of Tanks, this game is from Wargaming net based on the same free to play model with microtransactions. Game was released in 2014 year for the mobile devices on Android and iOS. But after a 2 years they released World of Tanks Blitz game which where developed for mobile systems and Windows 10 allowing the cross platform gaming.

World of Tanks Blitz Hack basic information

world of tanks blitz hack

World of Tanks blitz hack allows you to add two currencies in game, gold and credits. As all know, these currencies allows you to buy all of your euquipment, tanks and other stuff. This tool is easy in using. You need to connect between your client of game and hack tool application. This process last only about 5 sec. Next you must choose what currency that you want to get, you can choose both. After that you need to enter the amounts of currency, you can add unlimited amounts. If all is don for now you must to click add currency button to start generating process. It will lat about 10sec maximum. After whole process of generating currency you can check your game profile for amount of generated currency.

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  • two currency generator
  • connection checker
  • lots of updates
  • unlimited amounts of currency
  • anti ban protection
  • low size of files

You can look at the printscreen of generated currency:

world of tanks blitz hack

Everything you want is in this iny application. It allows you to get free from microtransactions. Don’t wate your time and get it.


Heroes and Generals Hack Tool information

Heroes and Generals Hack tool information

hereos and generals hack

Heroes and Generals is an multiplayer game created by Reto Moto developer. Game is seated in the II World War times. Game is offering three types of game. First is an classic multiplayer FPS with capture the object game mode. Second is browser strategic game, which is getting played on the Europe map. Thrid is a group of mini games for smartphones.

Player who are searching for fast gear up, needs other type of software that rest of gamers. Now if you need to generate some gold for heroes and generals you can do it by software called Heroes and Generals Hack gold generator. By this tool players can generate unlimited amounts of gold currency for it own game profile. This software is very easy in using and fast. You don’t need to even install files, you just download it and open. Instruction for this software is available from this link.

Download Heroes and Generals Hack Tool

heroes and generals hack

Features of this tool:

  • fast working
  • easy setup
  • unlimited amounts of gold
  • great support
  • fast download

This type of software is very usefull. You can get all of items in short time. You don’t need to farm long time for one weapon and you don’t need to pay many amounts of real money for equipment. All that you need to do is download this software and follow the instruction from the provided link.



Minecraft Story Mode first episode for free on Steam

Minecraft Story Mode for free

The order of the stone, first episode of Minecraft Story Mode game from Telltale Games is now free on the Steam.

The Telltale Games studiose continous their free marketing campgain. After free access for Batman, which we can play in the last month, now it’s time for Minecraft Story Mode. More than a month ago we had the news from developer informing us that we can play for free this game on the consoles and App Store, Google Play and Windows Store. But since yesterday the PC gamers can play this title for free too, you need to only click “download demo” on the homepage of this game on steam.

Paladins Hack – Best tool for Paladins game

Using hack tool of Paladins: Champions of the Realm game

paladins hack

Paladins is actually the most popular free to play video game which is the team based first person multiplayer shooter game. It was released in September 2016 by the Hi-Rez Studios as an early access product. There is an amazing champion character in this game which can be controlled by each and every player with different abilities. For the interesting game play, the players are split into the two different teams for the competition to achieve the gaming objective.

Paladins hack tool:

In order to get the extensive amounts of gaming resources for this paladins champion of realm game, all the players are recommended using the hacking tool on the web. Using the hacking process for the successful game play is really an ultimate benefit with any champion involved in this game. The web based hacking platforms are providing an exciting chance of 2D radar and ESP functionality for beating your enemy player to easily win the game. At the same time, the players can attack your opponent players with the help of the deadly bone aimbot given by the hack tool.

It allows a player to lock onto the opponents for giving the guaranteed accuracy with the full range weapons and fight swings. With the best and reliable paladins hack platform, the available bone aimbot will allow a player wiping the fighting field by just yourself. The players will get the headshot after headshot with any kind of gun or assure the highest accuracy n the fighting combat to beat your opponents. This bone aimbot from the hacking platform is totally configurable with,

  • Field of view
  • Aim key support
  • Smoothing and etc.

paladins hack

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Considerable features of paladins hack tool:

Whenever the players of the paladins: champions of the realm game have been using an excellent and legitimate hack tool for your gaming success, you can able to find the following exciting features including,


  • Auto aim
  • Enable aimbot
  • Field of view
  • Visibility checks
  • FPS correction
  • Ping correction
  • Bullet speed correction
  • Bullet drop correction
  • Activation key
  • Stick to target
  • Lock-on message


  • Name ESP
  • Enable ESP
  • Line ESP
  • Health ESP
  • Distance ESP
  • Mana ESP
  • HeadDot ESP
  • Box ESP


  • Player invisible color
  • Player visible color
  • Load settings
  • Save settings
  • Crosshair
  • Resize menu
  • Move menu

2D Radar:

  • Radar movement
  • Show radar
  • Radar size
  • Protection
  • Undetected by the paladins game client


  • Game FPS
  • Cheat watermark
  • Current time
  • In-game mouse driven menu
  • Game resolution

There are multiple types of paladins hack tools available for this excellent video game with the best aimbots to automatically aim & shoot at the opponents in the game. It would be very helpful for dealing with more damages thus these cheats or hacks of paladins game offers kills, points, XP and gold to the players.

Battlefield 1 – Comeback to the World War I

Battlefield 1

battlefield 1

Battlefield 1 is the next part of the most popular fps games with multiplayer mode. This series was started in the 2002 with Battlefield 1942, now we are returining to the World War I in this part.

Story line:

The gameplay is taking part in the World War I. Our story will show us some of the best and honor heroes from this war. We will take control of all of this people and see what they need to do to become world war I hero. This war brings all of us the most progress in technology, not only war tech but in all aspects of our world. In this war for the first time soldier was using flamethrowers, battle gases, tanks and smg-s. Our heroes will take part of war that was been in italians Alpes or Arabian deserts.

battlefield 1

Game mechanics:

Battlefield 1 gives players that what they want. All of maps in BF4 and 3 was small and tiny, we where have lots of close buildings, streets and tunels. Now we can take part in open war on the big war zones. Developers make this game more violent than others becouse the World War I was the most violent war. We can kill other players by our melee weopons. We can drive in tank and drive across the players and kill them. The most suprising vehicle type is horse, we can saddle horse and kill other players with our guns from this horse.

Hardware requirements:

Recommended: Intel Core i7 4790 3.6 GHz, 16 GB RAM, 3 GB GeForce GTX 1060 / 4 GB Radeon RX 480, 50 GB HDD

Aragami Review – Death can kill, try this game!

Aragami Review – Death can kill!

aragami review

Aragami is 3D stealth game where we play as dead assasin who had return to save the girl Yamiko

Story Line:

We will be playing as dead assasins named Aragami who have the power of death. We have to save girl named Yamik who resurected him for help. She is kept in the fortress Kyuryu. As the game goes on we can discover new facts about the story of our main character.


The aragami game have it inspirations in the past games linke Tenchu, Mark of the ninja and Dishonored. Our quests are taking place in the open world, so we can choose what we can do first. Like in the all stealth games we have to be undetected all the time, but as we are controlling the shadow warrior we can control the shadow somekind. We can create tiny black holes to other dimensions, shadow fogs and use teleporting. Aragami have so powerfull skills but when he is outside the shadow, he is so week, that remember don’t leave shadow.

aragami review


In this can we can see unique cartoon and dark graphics, which aren’t popular in stealth games. Our main character wearing a special cloak which changing it color depening on the stealth level.

Hardware requirements:

Recommended: Dual Core 3.0 GHz, 2GB RAM, 512mb GeForce 8800 / Radeon HD 2600 graphic card, 3GB HDD

Minimal: Dual Core 32.6 GHz, 1GB RAM, 256mb GeForce 7900 graphic card, 3GB HDD


Naruto Online Hack – Newest tool for Naruto

Players of NARUTO ONLINE these days use the best hack tool happily

naruto online hack

Many people in our time are keen to play the browser based massively multiplayer online role-playing game.  They prefer and play Naruto Online with a desire to shine in this game world. This multiplayer game is entirely based on the most famous anime storyline and licensed officially by Bandai.  The most exceptional features of this game make every player satisfied and increase their interests to play further.

All players of this extraordinary game nowadays take advantage of the most popular anime characters such as Sakura Haruno and enhance different aspects of their game play further. They choose one of the five elements in this game. These elements are lightning, wind, fire, water and earth.

Once they have chosen the best suitable element among these five options, they engage in the world-class combo fighting system.  They search for the number one NARUTO ONLINE HACK tool online in recent times. This is because they have decided to take advantage of the hack tool and gain essential resources at no cost.

Enhance the fighting abilities

As a player of Naruto online at this time, you have different expectations about how to reveal your strength and combat in the professional manner. You can realize your expectations on the most successful player of this multiplayer role playing game when you have begun using the hack tool.

Men and women who have begun using the most recommended hack tool for this game nowadays get a notable improvement in their strength and overall game play. They take advantage of a stress-free approach for strengthening fighting abilities of their team and begin their step towards the most successful game play. They are happy to improve their overall efforts and play without difficulty.

Use the most modern hack tool









Regular users of the most advanced hack tool these days build up their abilities successfully. They are happy to improve the overall fighting abilities of their characters and extend their efforts towards the goal.  They reap the following benefits from the best in class NARUTO ONLINE HACK tool.

  • Generate infinite ingots and unlimited coupons
  • Coins adder
  • Power up the whole account
  • Regular updates of the hack tool
  • The utmost security options
  • User-friendliness

Many beginners to Naruto online these days get an interest towards the best game play by using the most reliable hack tool. They do not like to engage in hours of time and spend their hard earned money for acquiring a few coupons and ingots. They can prefer and use this online hack tool to realize overall expectations about the profitable online gambling activities.

The overall user-friendly design of this advanced hack tool does not fail to satisfy every user these days. If you have begun using this successful hack tool, you can get a notable improvement in the game play almost immediately. This is because you can generate free resources in safe hands and improve all your efforts in this massively multiplayer role playing game.  You will get loads of benefits from free coins and ingots generated by this hack tool.

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Forza Horizon 3 Review – Best looking game

Forza Horizon 3

forza horizon 3

Forza Horizon 3 game from the studio of Playground Games. It is the third part from the Horizon cycle, of involving agility automotive simulators.

Mechanics of the game:

Forza Horizon 3 is a hybrid connection of arcade with the cars simulator. Hot and sandy Australia is an area of the struggle on which we will happen to beat up opponents. Map is twice as bigger than in the previous section of the game.

The game is giving for the using us mass of races and the competition and challenges in different weather conditions and different classes of cars. We have also a tool put into operation letting create own championships which we can make available for other players, and a wish list which can also be share also returned to the game.

In a game we will be measured with artificial intelligentsia that operates in the system of “Drivator”, drivers of what abilities of conduct of transport vehicles copied from other players in the game, their level of difficulty can be regulated obviously.

A game gives to us to the order over 350 cars divided into different categories, from super sport cars,buggy or suvs.

Modes in the game:

The game is giving us the possibility of playing solo and multi. We can invite our friends to the competition created by us and for the campaign. Additionally the option is under the cross-platform procedure, so users of the PC and the console can play together.

forza horizon 3


At present this motor game is a best looking game on the market. Models of cars and cameras in the game are available on the very high level. Scenery seems to Australia as if was living and was supposed to leave through the monitor. Everything is complementing it view of sky and water surrounding the nature of the continent.

Hardware requirements:

Recemmonded: Intel Core i7 3.6 GHz, 12 GB RAM, 4 GB GeForce GTX 1060 / Radeon RX 480X, 55 GB HDD