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world of tanks blitz hack

World of tank blitz is trying to archive the same success on smartphones and tablets asĀ  the original PC series. The same as the original World of Tanks, this game is from Wargaming net based on the same free to play model with microtransactions. Game was released in 2014 year for the mobile devices on Android and iOS. But after a 2 years they released World of Tanks Blitz game which where developed for mobile systems and Windows 10 allowing the cross platform gaming.

World of Tanks Blitz Hack basic information

world of tanks blitz hack

World of Tanks blitz hack allows you to add two currencies in game, gold and credits. As all know, these currencies allows you to buy all of your euquipment, tanks and other stuff. This tool is easy in using. You need to connect between your client of game and hack tool application. This process last only about 5 sec. Next you must choose what currency that you want to get, you can choose both. After that you need to enter the amounts of currency, you can add unlimited amounts. If all is don for now you must to click add currency button to start generating process. It will lat about 10sec maximum. After whole process of generating currency you can check your game profile for amount of generated currency.

Download World of Tanks Blitz Hack


  • two currency generator
  • connection checker
  • lots of updates
  • unlimited amounts of currency
  • anti ban protection
  • low size of files

You can look at the printscreen of generated currency:

world of tanks blitz hack

Everything you want is in this iny application. It allows you to get free from microtransactions. Don’t wate your time and get it.


Heroes and Generals Hack Tool information

Heroes and Generals Hack tool information

hereos and generals hack

Heroes and Generals is an multiplayer game created by Reto Moto developer. Game is seated in the II World War times. Game is offering three types of game. First is an classic multiplayer FPS with capture the object game mode. Second is browser strategic game, which is getting played on the Europe map. Thrid is a group of mini games for smartphones.

Player who are searching for fast gear up, needs other type of software that rest of gamers. Now if you need to generate some gold for heroes and generals you can do it by software called Heroes and Generals Hack gold generator. By this tool players can generate unlimited amounts of gold currency for it own game profile. This software is very easy in using and fast. You don’t need to even install files, you just download it and open. Instruction for this software is available from this link.

Download Heroes and Generals Hack Tool

heroes and generals hack

Features of this tool:

  • fast working
  • easy setup
  • unlimited amounts of gold
  • great support
  • fast download

This type of software is very usefull. You can get all of items in short time. You don’t need to farm long time for one weapon and you don’t need to pay many amounts of real money for equipment. All that you need to do is download this software and follow the instruction from the provided link.